(Advanced vacuum cleaner)
New Torque Wrenches
This is a hi-performance vacuum cleaner. The unique water filter collects vacuumed dusts like its name. This feature prevents dusts jamming of filter and provides clean exhaustion air. The combination of water filter and ordinary vacuum cleaner dust packs,it collects more than 95% dusts(concrete dusts are collected more than 99%). Since this vacuum cleaner is very light,compact and large wheels at bottom,it can be used easily at narrow spaces,construction fields,and factories. This vacuum cleaner is suitable for sawing and sanding.(Item no.:ACN-600) The revolutionary new design torque wrenches feature one purpose direct read out. The unique design of new torque wrenches is the combination of short wrenches and torque bars. The two tools in one style provides ordinary wrench functions without the torque bar and torque wrench functions with the torque bar. Our torque wrench can be used in the rain due to exposed mechanism. These torque wrenches are necessity for anti-earthquake constructions.(Item no.:Short wrenches:TPW-1565TQ,TPW-0832TQ,TMW-400TQ,HM-300TQ,and H-250TQ. Torque Bars:TQB-3 and TQB-4)
Diamond Wheels Hyperwrenches
The diamond wheel lineups meet variety of applications. These diamond wheels provide very sharp cutting and longer durability comparing to ordinary cutters because of high quality diamonds and new adhesive. These diamond wheels meet professional requirements of safety,sharpness,and durability.(Item no.:TDS,TDW,TDK,TDT,TSC,and TWC) These adjustable wrenches are equipped with non-backlash knurls that eliminate jaw play. This only one in the world feature also reduces readjustments of jaw width during usage. These hyperwrenches also feature wide jaw opening capacity,which is about equal jaw opening to one-size larger ordinary adjustable wrenches.(Item no.:HM,HM-TB,and HM-TBS)